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      Calmmum Published 26 Sep 2018

      This is an excellent service allowing the user to review potential tutors and even try them out before paying for a full session. we have tried several now on different subjects. All were good but some styles fitted better than others for our son. He is actively engaged during the sessions and feels they are really helping in his confidence and preparation for GCSE. I also like that he can call on a tutor for a one-off session, if need be, to clear up issues with a particular topic. One hour sessions, as often as you and the tutor agree is required. No driving door to door, no having strangers in your house. Terrific!!
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      B Published 26 Sep 2018

      A great service, super easy to use. We are thrilled to have found these tutoring services; the tutor we are using is really excellent.
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      Catherine Riney Published 26 Sep 2018

      I have found the My Tutor company very easy to use and the tutor we are working with is excellent.
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      Jane Masters Published 26 Sep 2018

      The tutor profiles are very good, and helped make the selection for the best tutor, I wanted some one that my daughter could relate to. Charlotte delivered a well organised and targeted tutorial. Living in a very rural area it is difficult to find appropriate tutors for face to face contact, online worked really well.
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      B N S Published 01 Sep 2018

      My Tutor became a great facility for my son which we wish we had discovered a year before GCSE. We wasted a lot of time travelling for tuition until we couldn't cope any longer and started searching on line for someone very local. Then we found that we could have the session on line, flexible times. He felt as if the Tutor was in the room, and he like the reduced pressure of not sitting right next to the Tutor. A bit of personal space to think whilst working with a Tutor
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      Ms C Hill Published 31 Aug 2018

      Really good tutoring service. Excellent tutor with good rapport with my daughter. It definitely made a difference to her confidence and she achieved an 8 in her maths GCSE. I would recommend My Tutor wholeheartedly
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      Lou Poulsom Published 31 Aug 2018

      Our daughter helped me to select a tutor. She was taking GCSE Computer Science and we found a highly qualified and passionate young lady to teach her who nurtured her to an A grade. We will certainly be back. Highly recommend.
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      Stavri Published 31 Aug 2018

      I feel it’s an easier way to motivate your child’s learning. It helped greatly in the gcse exams. Some great tutors on here that really showed empathy.
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      Jacqui Published 31 Aug 2018

      Fantastic service. Great that the tutors are all uni students and online. Feels more relaxed, less formal and less like an extension of school. Our tutor was great and definitely improved my daughter's Spanish grade.
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      Trapti Published 29 Aug 2018

      Very helpful. Has great teachers with a lot of experience who invest enough time with their student in order for the student to achieve the grades that they aspire.
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      Fela Adewusi Published 29 Aug 2018

      A large bank of tutors to choose from; very easy to use and straightforward;
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      Van Der Meeren Inge Published 26 Aug 2018

      We had some very good tutors for our son via mytutor. It was convenient to get lessons online in the comfort of his room. Easy to plan and pay for. The quality was mostly good. As a result, our son's grades improved significantly to achieve Bs on sciences and maths for GCSE. We intend to continue using mytutor for his A levels.
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      Rosie Sprackling Published 25 Aug 2018

      We were surprised and delighted with the quality of the tutoring our daughter received at MyTutor. She used two tutors for a couple of lessons close to her GCSEs and in both instances the tutors were well-prepared and able to offer very helpful last-minute tips and advice. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service to others and may consider using it for some A level revision.
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      Cnaylor Published 25 Aug 2018

      We used several tutors leading up to our son's GCSE exams and in every case they helped ensure he achieved a solid pass grade. With high calibre tutor's, the service is cost effective, convenient, and interactive. Lessons can be recorded for review afterwards and progress monitored. What we most liked was that our son could really relate to the tutors who were final year undergraduates or post-grads. My only regret is that we didn't start sooner. However, in the final run up to exams they made all the difference.
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      Lynne Connell Published 24 Aug 2018

      Great service...very patient...simple to organise tutorials...lovely tutors with loads of empathy....will no doubt use for A levels too!
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      Brenda Mccleary Published 24 Aug 2018

      Very good. organized local tutor who was familiar with exam board. Very flexible - fitted round my daughter's busy schedule
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      Dougal Goldring Published 24 Aug 2018

      After being initially reluctant, my son adapted easily to the online approach and quickly took control of setting up and running the sessions. Our tutor was excellent and gave my son the confidence he was lacking in maths.
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      K Davies Published 24 Aug 2018

      My son was struggling with Spanish and was looking likely to not pass this GCSE. He was unconfident and hesitant with speaking and the extra lesson that was put in after school to help with this coincided with another lesson he was taking. So in January we decided to enlist the assistance of Roxana B. on Mytutor to try and ensure a pass. We requested that she just spent the hour working on conversation. She was brilliant. We are all absolutely thrilled as not only did my son pass he got a 6. He went from struggling to confident in less than 6 months. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone thinking of trying it.
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      Diana Page Published 24 Aug 2018

      My granddaughter’s experience of online tutoring, via My Tutor, is one that I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for effective, affordable tutoring and to improve the confidence of an over-anxious teenager. Her disability had meant that my granddaughter had missed school, sometimes for weeks at a time, resulting in gaps in her knowledge of the block building subjects. Between Mocks in January and the actual exam, Melanie and Rosanna helped her to improve by two grades in Maths and Spanish respectively. The tutors are young, friendly and well prepared. My Tutor is also affordable.
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      Luisa Sullivan Published 23 Aug 2018

      my.tutor.co.uk is an excellent tutoring service provider. we engaged 5 different tutors for different subjects as we had missed a whole academic year due to ill health... our 5 different subject tutors helped our daughter raise her exam result from mock result by two grades, three grades in one subject.. Please forward sincere thanks to all out daughters tutors...always prompt, reliable, conscientious, warm and professional..
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      Carol Unsworth Published 23 Aug 2018

      My daughter’s grades improved from a 6/7 to achieving an 8 in her GCSE. Our tutor was thorough and built a real rapport with my daughter making her completely at ease. All the lessons are recorded so that she could review the lesson again if she needed it. I wouldn’t hesitate to use MyTutor again.
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      Kerry Carl Published 23 Aug 2018

      Used my tutor for my son , who was going into GCSE. . It was convenient and my son had great rapport with his tutor. It was great that he could go over the lessons and I could see what had gone on. My sons grades improved by 2 levels
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      Michelle Published 23 Aug 2018

      Excellent tutoring that is flexible and affordable. My two teenagers have built a great rapport with the online tutors and both achieved A grades for subjects they were tutored in.
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      Ashfaq Bhatti Published 23 Aug 2018

      Helped my son get good grades at gcse.

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