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£20 /hr

Sachin R.

Degree: Mathematics (Bachelors) - Bath University

Subjects offered:Further Mathematics, Maths

Further Mathematics

“Hi, I’m Sachin and I study Maths at the University of Bath. I’m looking forward to working with my students to enable them to reach their highest potential.”

£20 /hr

Simon T.

Degree: Natural Sciences Tripos (Masters) - Cambridge University

Subjects offered:Further Mathematics, Science+ 4 more

Further Mathematics
-Personal Statements-

“ Enthusiastic tutor for Maths and Physics; 3rd year Cambridge astrophysicist undergraduate.”

£20 /hr

Pablo A.

Degree: Mathematics and Physics (Integrated Masters) - Exeter University

Subjects offered:Further Mathematics, Spanish+ 1 more

Further Mathematics

“I am a responsible Spanish student of Physics and mathematics in Exeter, willing to spread out all my knowledge.”

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£20 /hr

Jack R.

Degree: Computer Science MEng (Integrated Masters) - Warwick University

Subjects offered:Further Mathematics, Physics+ 2 more

Further Mathematics

“I have tutored for 3 years and am confident I can help any student advance in any area of maths they may want.”

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£30 /hr

Michelangelo M.

Degree: MMath Mathematics with Placement (Masters) - Bath University

Subjects offered:Further Mathematics, Maths+ 4 more

Further Mathematics

“Mathematics student at the University of Bath, willing to help you love this subject and improve your grades.”

Michelle B, Parent

"A friend mentioned that they had used MyTutor for science and I just had a look at it. The service is exactly the same, just online. It's so much more flexible and just fits in with our lives!"

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