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    Jack B. A Level Latin tutor, GCSE Latin tutor, 13 Plus  Latin tutor, ...

    Jack B.


    St Andrews University - Classics (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Latin


    Classics graduate from the University of St Andrews. Keen to help others succeed with Greek and Latin Language and Literature.

    2 completed lessons

    Lydia A. IB Latin tutor, A Level Latin tutor, GCSE Latin tutor, A Lev...

    Lydia A.


    Cambridge University - Classics (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Latin


    I am third year Classicst passionate about communicating my love of all things classical and helping students to find the way in which they learn best.

    5 reviews

    10 completed lessons

    Sam S. IB Classical Greek tutor, IB Latin tutor, IB Maths tutor

    Sam S.


    Oxford, New College University - MSt in Ancient Philosophy (Masters)

    Subjects: Latin


    Fun, curious, critical, patient, hard-working, tenacious - keen to inspire my students!

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    PremiumJoe M. IB Philosophy tutor, A Level Philosophy tutor, GCSE Philosophy...

    Joe M.


    Oxford Alumni University - BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Latin


    I'm a recent Oxford graduate committed to help students see Philosophy and Economics as relevant and rewarding subjects in which they can be successful.

    49 reviews

    108 completed lessons

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    Harriet B. IB Latin tutor, GCSE Latin tutor, GCSE English Literature ...

    Harriet B.


    Exeter University - Classics (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Latin


    I'm Harriet and I'm a friendly Classics 2nd year looking to help a student achieve their potential!

    28 reviews

    47 completed lessons

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