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      251 Scottish Highers tutors available

      Zeeshan A. Premium

      Zeeshan A.

      £38 / hr

      Cardiff University - Theoretical Physics (Doctorate)

      Top tutor from the renowned Russell university group, ready to help you improve your grades.

      Offers: HTML and CSS Javascript Maths+ 3 others


      £38 / hr


      Notes29 reviews

      Calendar218 completed lessons

      Eleanor R.

      £41 / hr

      Edinburgh University - Physics (BSc Hons) (Bachelors)

      Physics student at Edinburgh University looking to pass on knowledge about my subject.

      Offers: Maths Physics

      £41 / hr


      Notes63 reviews

      Calendar100 completed lessons

      John B.

      £41 / hr

      Durham University - Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematical Sciences) (Doctorate)

      Hey! I am a PhD student in Mathematical Sciences at Durham University. If you need help to revise for an exam or to understand a lesson, contact me!

      Offers: Maths Physics Python

      £41 / hr


      Notes75 reviews

      Calendar285 completed lessons

      Ewan R.

      £24 / hr

      St Andrews University - French (Bachelors)

      5th Year French student and linguist with a keen interest and grasp of Francophone culture and grammar and linguistics

      Offers: Biology French

      £24 / hr


      Notes2 reviews

      Calendar28 completed lessons

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      Domiziana T.

      £44 / hr

      Wolfson College, Oxford University - DPhil Migration (Doctorate)

      Tutoring is not about teaching formulas...but about guiding students to develop critical and creative thinking. This makes me truly passionate about tutoring

      Offers: Italian Maths+ 4 others

      Oxbridge Preparation
      Personal Statements

      £44 / hr


      Notes85 reviews

      Calendar479 completed lessons

      Safin A.

      £32 / hr

      Queen Mary University - Computer Science and Mathematics (Bachelors)

      Experienced and enthusiastic tutor, 2nd year student, passionate about tutoring students to archive their highest possible potential

      Offers: Biology Chemistry+ 7 others

      Further Mathematics

      £32 / hr


      Notes35 reviews

      Calendar563 completed lessons

      Anika N.

      £44 / hr

      Kings College London University - Medicine (MBBS) (Bachelors)

      Hello my name is Anika! I’m a medical student at King’s college of London! I’ve been tutoring for the 5 years and enjoy the job very much!

      Offers: Biology Chemistry English Maths+ 4 others

      Medical School Preparation
      Personal Statements

      £44 / hr


      Notes32 reviews

      Calendar114 completed lessons

      Kirsten E.

      £22 / hr

      Birmingham University - BA Drama and English (Bachelors)

      Third Year Drama and English Student with a creative and interactive tutoring style

      Offers: Drama English Maths

      £22 / hr

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      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Tara Vincent Published 06 Jul 2019

      We had a tutor from Mytutor called Alejandro who was amazing for my daughter. He gave her such great advice and lots of confidence before her IB exam. I must say it was money well spent as he always messaged and she knew she could count on him for support and knowledge. I would definitely recommend him as a kind, helpful and very intelligent tutor. He definitely knew his sciences very well. Thanks Alejandro you are a star.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Mrs Allan Published 01 Jul 2019

      My son aged 13 is really enjoying his one to one lessons with phoebe, I was a bit apprehensive about doing lessons online but this has been amazing for him and he prefers to learn this way. I would definitely recommend this way of learning
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      KRISTINA SMITH Published 30 Jun 2019

      I was a little concerned at first as it was online tutoring but it works brilliantly. Love it and very easy to use. Couldn`t recommend mytutor enough
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Jae Hopkins Published 30 Jun 2019 has been invaluable for my son. The platform is brilliantly designed, the tutors (from what we've experienced) are excellent, and being able to play the session back means each hour becomes a valuable resource for the future. Highly recommended.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Heidi Yardley Published 30 Jun 2019

      It is a really good resource. You can find a tutor quickly and proceed to a lesson in no time at all. Wish there were pre U chemistry tutors.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Julie Plant Published 30 Jun 2019

      My son was falling behind in A level Biology before his end of year tests. I felt I needed to help him as he was getting stressed and anxious so I looked into tutoring. I saw an add for MyTutor and after a very friendly and helpful telephone conversation I booked a chat with a tutor. We were matched with a young man who was studying Biomedics at university and the initial conversation with my son, who was slightly reluctant, went so well that we began booking lessons. It was the best thing I could have done at short notice and with not having pots of money. The tutor was friendly, reliable and professional and quickly built a rapport with my son and helped him with everything he struggled with each week. I will be booking more lessons next year to make sure he stays on top of things. They are so easy to book as the website is excellent and the lessons worked very well online using an iPad. I am very pleased with the whole thing and glad that I gave it a try. I would recommend it to anyone.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Mr Hughes Published 30 Jun 2019

      My tutor is great Emma has been tutoring GCSE German to my daughter. My daughter has improved in the subject so much. Emma is lovely.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 4 stars

      Valerie Published 30 Jun 2019

      I booked MyTutor for my daughter who is in primary school. So far she is enjoying the experience, with her lovely and patient tutor. The MyTutor platform is also easy to use - in booking the session, as well during the session. Would recommend MyTutor :)
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Jacqueline Simpson Published 28 Jun 2019

      Relatively cheap way to get convenient 5 star tutoring from highly educated and knowledgeable tutors. Totally recommend this site - 100%
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      cathyal Published 27 Jun 2019

      Really pleased with quality of teaching and support so far.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Shankar satchit Published 27 Jun 2019

      I was totally satisfied with the service and will recommend to anyone. Teachers are friendly flexible and professional.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Christine Hart Published 27 Jun 2019

      My son has been taking lessons with Taylor for 3 weeks now and he couldn't be happier, great knowledge, support , prep and guidance Highly recommend Christine
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Nita Published 27 Jun 2019

      Really helpful and supportive!
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Fireteam X Published 27 Jun 2019

      Excellent service, really impressed. As good as having a tutor sit next to you.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Debbie Published 27 Jun 2019

      I contacted MyTutor on a sunday evening and by 9.30 on Monday morning I had been called, a meeting set up with a Tutor on line and a provisional session booked - all within 24 hours. I needed a couple of sessions for my son to restore his confidence before a GCSE exam. Rachel was really good with him - helped explain a lot of things and he definitely felt a lot better. Results in August will tell! This is a great accessible service and I would use them again.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Bradley Published 27 Jun 2019

      Great service to build students' confidence and understanding.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Claire Published 09 Jun 2019

      Super service and very efficient. Tutor great.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Eluise Published 07 Jun 2019

      Very pleased with Oliver the tutor. He was always prompt. He also ensured that he checked the topic area of maths prior to the next session. I would recommend MyTutor to others.
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      Sheila Published 05 Jun 2019

      I needed urgent pre-exam law tutoring for my daughter Zarah who was in a state of panic and not well prepared. Adam responded quickly and made himself available whenever she needed him. I was in the same room on one of her sessions and found it so interesting, that I quite fancied doing A-level law myself. He was relaxed, clear and also kept trying to give her confidence. I can totally recommend Adam - thank you
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      The Dutchmen Published 04 Jun 2019

      My experience both with the company and my tutor were amazing!! The company and my tutor Isaac could not have been more helpful or attentive. She would explain stuff in different ways until she was completely satisfied you would know the material for the test. If you need a tutor; this is the company and the girl to use!

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