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    Lorna B. A Level Art tutor, GCSE Art tutor, 13 Plus History tutor, A ...

    Lorna B.


    Sheffield University - Journalism Studies (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, -Personal Statements- +2 more

    -Personal Statements-
    Media Studies

    I am an aspiring teacher with a background in tutoring. I have a creative teaching approach and a passion for my subjects.

    12 reviews

    36 completed lessons

    Lawrence P. A Level Politics tutor, GCSE Politics tutor, A Level Hist...

    Lawrence P.


    York University - History and Politics (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, .HAT. +1 more

    Government and Politics

    Hi I’m Lawrence, studying History and Politics at York! I love my subject, and hope I can use this passion to get you the grades you want.

    40 reviews

    120 completed lessons

    PremiumSioned D. 13 Plus  English tutor, 11 Plus English tutor, 13 Plus  Mat...

    Sioned D.


    University College London University - Law (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, -Personal Statements- +4 more

    -Personal Statements-

    Hello! I'm a Cambridge University Masters student and UCL Law graduate with a great deal of tutoring experience in English, Maths, Sciences and Entrance Exams.

    84 reviews

    212 completed lessons

    Sarah G.

    Sarah G.


    University College London University - Medicine MBBS (Other)

    Subjects: History, .BMAT (BioMedical Admissions) +4 more

    .BMAT (BioMedical Admissions)

    I'm Sarah, I'm a 3rd year medical student and excited to help students with their confidence, study skills and revision. I'm approachable and encouraging!

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    Jaysim H. A Level English Literature tutor, GCSE English Literature t...

    Jaysim H.


    Exeter University - English and French (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, English Literature

    English Literature

    Student at the University of Exeter studying French and English. Copy Editor for Exeposé (the student paper). Avid reader and all round food fanatic.

    6 reviews

    8 completed lessons

    Daisy H. A Level English Literature tutor, GCSE English Literature tu...

    Daisy H.


    Oxford, University College University - English and Russian (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, -Oxbridge Preparation- +5 more

    -Oxbridge Preparation-
    -Personal Statements-
    English Literature

    I would want to bolster any tutee's confidence in their own ability to make insightful observations

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    Lara S. GCSE History tutor, GCSE English tutor, A Level English tutor...

    Lara S.


    Queen's, Belfast University - English (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, -Personal Statements- +2 more

    -Personal Statements-
    English Language

    Friendly and able tutor with a First Class Honours degree in English from Queen's University Belfast. I specialise in English and History at GCSE and A-Level.

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    Claudia B.

    Claudia B.


    Warwick University - Modern Languages (Bachelors)

    Subjects: History, French +1 more


    I’m a bilingual university student who loves to help others to improve their own skills in an enjoyable yet useful way!

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