A smarter way to learn: private tuition for the twenty-first century

MyTutor makes it easy, affordable and convenient to connect with subject specialist tutors - in your own home, and at a time that suits you. We match the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm of the brightest undergraduates with your child’s need for one-to-one support.

Our founder, Robert, came up with the idea whilst struggling to find a local tutor his two daughters could relate to. Faced with a lack of recommendations, inconvenient travel, and expensive bills, he spotted the opportunity to bring private tuition into the twenty-first century.

Since then, we haven't looked back - and today we're proud to welcome you to a new online world of specialist, high quality tuition.







Our philosophy

We make it easy to access high quality tutors - wherever you are, whenever you need help.

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We make one-to-one tuition more affordable

We believe one-to-one teaching is an effective and important supplement to school, and should be available to as many students as possible.

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We help tutors and students connect

With MyTutor, location doesn't limit your education options. Now, you can find and use subject experts from across the UK.

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We provide meaningful work for university students

Tutoring is rewarding work for the UK’s brightest undergraduates. It allows them to share their knowledge, enjoy motivating their students, and earn good money at the same time.


Robert Grabiner

After trying and struggling to find tutors for his two children, Robert decided to set up a site offering affordable online tuition with bright undergraduate tutors. He left a life working as a Senior Banking Technologist and set up MyTutor in 2012. Since then has undertaken most roles in the company: interviewing tutors, testing the website, and (most enjoyably) helping parents find tutors for their own children.

Robert currently focuses on steering the overall vision and values of the business, and oversees the development of the website and all technology matters.

Bertie Hubbard

Bertie is a maths-geek; co-founder of MyTutor; and the man responsible for making the platform easier for you to use. He studied (you guessed it) Maths at Durham where he was often found helping his peers with their work. 

Bertie feels passionately about making one-to-one help accessible and, after a couple of years in finance, returned to the world of education by co-founding MyTutor. In his (little) spare time, he plays tennis, kite-surfs and uses MyTutor to learn Spanish.

James Grant

James is one of our co-founders and is on a mission to give every student better access to one-to-one support. He was previously in the Chief of Staff team at Barclays. Now, he travels around the UK meeting innovative, inspiring schools, who share his vision.

James studied Philosophy at Birmingham University, a course he juggled alongside his first company, organising corporate events. In his spare time, James is a keen sportsman, having competed in Athletics, Football and Rugby. James is using MyTutor to learn Psychology, a course he would have loved to have studied alongside Philosophy.

Matt Brown

After briefly considering the corporate world, Matt decided it would be much more exciting to join a start-up. He has been with us from our humble beginnings and is the most patient man in the world. Matt makes sure everything at MyTutor looks beautiful and works flawlessly for you.

Matt grew up in Plymouth, is a keen motorcyclist and, after years of encouragement from our developers, has almost been converted to rock climbing enthusiasm.

Carlene Kuschke

Carlene has first-hand experience of the tutoring industry: she's been helping students master classics and exam technique for a number of years. Since graduating with a degree in Classics from Oxford University, Carlene worked in Finance before joining MyTutor in September 2014. Now she spends her days helping the perfect student-tutor match come together.

Carlene puts her hand to all sorts of educational pursuits, from fine art and philosophy to photography and coding.

Kat Crane

Kat left Oxford University with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and went straight into Digital Marketing. She worked for several e-commerce sites before joining MyTutor in January 2015. Here she focuses on spreading the word about online tutoring and getting our tutors as much work as possible.

As a hangover from her days as a PPEist she enjoys keeping up with politics and economics (even more so now she knows she won’t be tested on them).

Fred Haffenden

After completing a degree in Engineering at Cambridge and an internship with MyTutor, Fred took some time off to travel through Central America. Six months later, Fred returned to England to start work with us in a full time role. He now splits his time improving the website, helping us decide what to build next and helping out on the farm at home.

Outside of the office, Fred enjoys playing a lazy attacking role in his 5-a-side football team.

Building a community

MyTutor is a safe and easy-to-use environment for people to teach and learn. 

We do everything we can to provide a safe, rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.

We work hard to identify tutors our students will relate to - this is one of the main reasons our tutoring is so succsseful. As a role model, coach and mentor all rolled into one, our tutors create an enjoyable learning atmosphere that feels very different to school. Tutors enjoy sharing their knowledge and students enjoy learning from someone who has recently succeeded at the very same exams they are entering.

We encourage tutors and students to leave each other feedback, which helps to strengthen the community. You can feel confident when choosing a tutor, thanks to both our rigorous selection process and the reviews from other parents. With honest and transparent communication, you'll have a clear understanding of how sessions are progressing, and tutors can tailor their teaching with the help of your feedback.

Press enquiries

If you're interested in featuring MyTutor and we can help you with any information please contact press@mytutor.co.uk


We love to hear what other people are up to in the education sector. If you're interested in working with us please let us know: hello@mytutor.co.uk

Any questions?

Whether you're a parent, student, tutor, or general education enthusiast, please get in touch at hello@mytutor.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)203 773 6020


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