How do I go about choosing quotes to learn for the exam?

It is important to try and make sure each quote has several functions when trying to choose them for the exam. This way, you can minimise the amount of wrote-learning you will have to do and concentrate on thinking thematically. As such, I think it is useful to look at your texts as a whole and think of key themes which might come up in the exam. For example, unrequited love. Then, find four/five quotes from each text that could fit for this theme. However, when choosing, you should also consider how each quote is interesting stylistically - is it an example of a imagery (e.g. an extended metaphor) or a example for structure (e.g. enjambment). If each of your quotes has two/three talking points, this should making your learning more efficient as each can lend itself to different potential discussions within your essays.

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