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How do I write a good introduction?

An introduction should always clearly set out your intentions for the essay, and perhaps even include a sentence that briefly answers your question from the get-go (a thesis.) It should briefly set out a ...

Answered by Hannah M. English Literature tutor

How does Shakespeare critique colonisation in The Tempest?

In The Tempest, Shakespeare establishes a dichotomy between the oppressor, Prospero, and his slave, Caliban, in order to provoke sympathy for the enslaved. Whereas Prospero is all-powerful and assumes con...

Answered by Luke P. English Literature tutor

Explore the way in which the poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes depict the theme of death in their work.

Both Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath depict a sense of transition that comes with death, suggesting that the dead being becomes changed when viewed in death. However, while Hughes, in his poem ‘View of a Pig’...

Answered by Eliza J. English Literature tutor

Why might a poet use onomatopoeia in their poem?


Answered by Anna L. English Literature tutor

What is literary Romanticism?

Romanticism is a literary period spanning from the late 18th century, through to the early 19th century (followed by the Victorian Period). It is defined by the use of the Sublime, states of Roma...

Answered by Crispin W. English Literature tutor

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