How do you go about conducting research and finding a question for your EPQ?

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When beginning your EPQ, you need to think about topics that interest you. Draw a spider diagram with possible topics that you could write a long essay on. You can think about topics related to your studies, however do not choose something that you have already studied. Think about something you don't know very much about, but that interests you, so that you are motivated to conduct research on it. 

Once you have chosen a topic, read articles about it on the web, go to your local library, and read about any aspects on it that interest you. Ensure that you broaden your methods of research. When I began conducting research for my topic, I arranged meetings with specialists on the topic and went to museums. Ask your teacher if they can help you go about this, or simply email the universities yourself. 

Your question may evolve whilst you are writing your essay. However, when you need something to begin with, make sure you choose a specific aspect that you want to focus on. My question focused on the debate as to whether Roland was truly the hero of 'La Chanson de Roland.' When you have decided on what you want to explore, draw out their implications. I drew out sections such as 'critics' and 'consideration of both arguments in the debate.' 


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