Explain the motivations and challenges of Virtue Ethics

Whilst the details and lines of argument of an answer can vary, a good attempt would cover some of the following points: An overview of virtue ethics, explaining that virtue ethics in all its forms comes with a focus on character over action. Rather than providing a framework to answer a given moral dilemma, Virtue Ethics describes a series of character traits which are the virtues that if a person has will act morally. Mention of the Goldean Mean as a way of determining what charactersitcs are virtuous. Practicality, Virtue Ethics provides a way to live rather than an abstract and often complex moral system, mention of Mcintyre and his argument that post enlightenment theories of morality are unusable Providing motivation, a common meta-ethical concern raised against realist moral theories is that they cannot account for the motivational aspect of moral claims. Virtue ethics can account for this because it argues individuals should aim a state of flourishing, which as this is the purpose of human life is universally motivating. Circular worry, the virtues are defined as those that lead to a state of flourishing, but the state of flourishing is defined as the state brought about by having the virtues Inheritied problems Aristotle's fouth cause and the idea that humans have purpose

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