Describe the key features of advertising in the USA in the 1920s?

One important feature of advertising in 1920s America was that it infiltrated all aspects of people’s lives. Visual forms of advertising could be seen on billboards and in magazines, newspapers, shop windows and cinemas. Advertising was also played on the radio, an item which had become extremely popular during this period. Another important feature of advertising was the role it played in stimulating the economic boom of the 1920s. The adverts bombarding the American public contained information encouraging them to buy new consumer goods, such as motor cars, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. The more these goods were advertised, the higher the demand they received. Increased demand meant more workers were needed, so more Americans were receiving wages. These were then reinvested into the economy through the buying of more goods, creating the cycle of consumerism that led to the economic boom of the 1920s.

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