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What is the best way to revise for essay based subjects?

While revision is subjective, with successful methods depending on the individual, essay based subjects are widely considered difficult to revise for. Especially during stressful times like exam season. I...

Answered by Maxime O. History tutor

How do I structure a 16 mark answer?

This is almost an essay-style response to a question, but that's not something to be scared about. Being prepared to write an essay response will help you structure your argument in a way that best answer...

Answered by Charlie S. History tutor

How can I write a good conclusion?

It's often helpful to use a 4/5 sentence structure for your conclusion. E.g. To what extent was WW1 responsible for the political changes in Russia by th...

Answered by Florence H. History tutor

Explain why it was difficult to reach agreement at the Potsdam Conference. [6 marks]

Events between the Yalta and Potsdam conference made it difficult to reach agreement at Potsdam. President Roosevelt died in April 1945 and was replaced by Vice-President Harry Truman. Truman was much mor...

Answered by Sophie B. History tutor

How do I approach a source analysis question?

To do well on a source analysis question there are three key elements which you will need to understand: the content of the source, the origin of the source and the purpose of the source. It is important ...

Answered by Yasmin M. History tutor

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