Assess utilitarianism. (25 Marks).

Assess utilitarianism for a board can be a very open question. You aren't subject to specific forms of the theory, though it can be helpful to assess at least two. Recognising a problem for one in an essay setting can be a fantastic way to link on to another the theory that evades whatever problem you pertinently outlined. A good essay could assess both act and rule, showing rule as a way of avoiding for example the tyranny of the majority, which one could develop into the problem of treating people as means only - a theoretical problem (as it would be necessary to have an understanding of both practical and theoretical requirements of any normative theory) which is a problem for both theories. A good theory can distinguish too between more and less important arguments, in the sense that they may say Even if we could evade this problem.... this next problem is ostensibly fatal ... - doing all this whilst maintaining a thread of intention throughout, referring back to the task set in your introductory paragraph. A good essay will then, at the end, conclude in a consistent and modest way, referring less to one's own view but the view shown to be the case in the essay. 

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