How should I structure my paragraphs when writing an essay in an exam?

To help yourself to write a clear and concise answer it can be helpful to follow the P.E.A/E.L structure when writing an essay in exams. P stands for the point you're making e.g. 'In Mary Shelly's Frankentein, the theme of monstrosity is explored.',  E is an example such as a quote from the text or description of structure or form. A/E stands for analysis or explanation- this is the part when you analyse the quote or example you have given, explaining what it shows in relation to your original point. Finally the L of this technique stands for Link. This part of your paragraph gives you the chance to remind the examiner of how your example and explanation link back to your original idea. It's also an oppurtunity to end your paragraph in a way that leads well into the next point you would like to make. 

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