How do I stand out at interviews?

Standing out at medical schools interview is paramount to obtaining that crucial offer ahead of the hundreds of other applicants. One of the best ways is through thorough and excellent preparation. The process starts way before the actual interview as you should learn what kind of interview the medical school conducts for example MMI (multiple mini interviews) or panel interview. Hopefully you will have applied to universites which suit your preffered interview but this is not essential!

Preparation will also include formulating answers to common interview questions like "Why medicine?", "Why not nursing?" and "Why this medical school?". Some advise against this as it may make you look robotic. However with enough practice and with answers that are true to what you believe they do not look made up as they are authentic to you. Through my experience having passed my interviews recently I can give excellent advice to an applicant so you can get that coveted place at medical school!

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Answered by Elgan, a Mentoring -Medical School Preparation- tutor with MyTutor

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