How are you qualified to teach Classical Civilisation at A Level?

I am qualified to teach Classical Civilisation at A Level because I study Classical Civilisation at the University of Exeter as part of my Classics BA (Hons) course. 

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2 years ago

Answered by Barnaby, an A Level Classical Civilisation tutor with MyTutor

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Alfie H.

Degree: History (Bachelors) - Edinburgh University

Subjects offered:Classical Civilisation, History

Classical Civilisation

“Hello, my name is Alfie and I am a Student studying History at the University of Edinburgh. I have benefited personally from having 1 to 1 lessons with people who are passionate about their subject and this is one of the reasons I am ...”

Dhanya N. GCSE Classical Civilisation tutor, A Level Classical Civili...
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Dhanya N.

Degree: Classics (Bachelors) - Oxford, Wadham College University

Subjects offered:Classical Civilisation, Philosophy and Ethics+ 5 more

Classical Civilisation
Philosophy and Ethics
Extended Project Qualification
English Literature
-Personal Statements-
-Oxbridge Preparation-

“Enthusiastic and experienced tutor from Oxford University, ready to improve grades and strengthen university applications”

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Emily C.

Degree: Romantic and Victorian Literature (Masters) - Durham University

Subjects offered:Classical Civilisation, Extended Project Qualification+ 4 more

Classical Civilisation
Extended Project Qualification
English and World Literature
English Literature
-Personal Statements-

“I am studying for a master’s degree in Romantic & Victorian Literature at Durham University. I love literature and hopefully after the session you will too!”

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Barnaby S.

Degree: Classics (Bachelors) - Exeter University

Subjects offered:Classical Civilisation, Latin+ 2 more

Classical Civilisation
Classical Greek

“Top tutor from the renowned Russell university group, ready to help you improve your grades.”

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