How do I structure an successful essay based on comparing novels?

To structure a successful essay on comparing literary works, it is key to introduce an argument that compares the two set texts, and not talk about them seperately. To start the essay off, you should use an introduction paragraph that states your line of argument, and refers to the two texts. In refering to them, it is great to discuss how they differ or are similar, the context surrounding them that is relevant to your argument and how they come together to support your argument. This will impress the examiners because straight away you are comparing the texts you have been given, and answering the question!

Next, you should aim to pick out approximately three features about each text, that cover a range of techniques. Try covering a structural, language and imagery technique about each, that benefits and furthers your line of argument. Through analysing and explaining these techniques, discuss how the two authors use these either to the same effect, or for different effects. This comparison will increase your marks and impress the examiner, especially if you include context to further support the points you are making. To conclude your argument, all successful essays need a comparative conclusion, which means using one final conclusion that draws together your argument, and draws upon all you have previously spoken about. Touch on some of the techniques mentioned, as well as the similarities and differences and how these were used to support your argument. By consistenly comparing and anaylsing through out your essay, a strong argument will develop that will score high marks.

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