How might I go about structuring a paragraph in a language analysis essay?

To begin with, a paragraph structuring technique I like to use is 'point, proof, comment' - this can be used in pretty much any essay. It follows, for example, your first sentence should state the claim which you wish to argue, such as: 'Wordsworth's use of natural imagery reflects the physical emotion in the poem's speaker'. Then you should try and back this up with evidence from whichever text you are using, by pulling out quotes or using literary critics to back up your argument. Finally, this evidence should always be tied back to the initial claim you made. How do these quotes/criticisms actually support your claim that Wordsworth's imagery is emotive? The best way to conclude a paragraph is to sign post the essay question, whatever it may be, in your final sentence. This gives an indication that your argument is clearly structured and ensures that you are answering the question. 

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