Discuss the ethical issues of IVF in humans

There are several arguments for having in vitro fertilisation. Firstly, it allows people who couldn't otherwise have children to start a family. Also the embryos that are used for IVF, if there are signs that they are not healthy at early development, they will not be used and via genetic screening we can stop the inheritance of genetic diseases. Finally as we work to improve IVF this will have a knock-on effect for other reproductive technology allowing this to improve as well. However there are several arguments, mainly ethical reasons, for choosing not to have IVF. There are several embryos that are produced for cultivation and the ones that are not used are frozen or destroyed. As well as this sparking the ethical debate about whether an embryo can be considered a person so is it right to destroy it, it also means that there are complex issues with regards to the use of the embryos if the couple split up. Although genetic screening allows us to stop the transfer of genetic disorders, it can be easily abused to allow people to choose ideal characteristics for their children, again something many people would consider ethically wrong. Finally, to ensure the success of IVF more than one embryo is used, however this means that the probability of multiple births and the issues surrounding increases.

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