How should I structure my essay concerning depictions in Heathcliff in ‘Wuthering Heights’?

Well there are many different ways of structuring an essay that work for different people. In A Level English it is really important that you can highlight different aspects of the form, the structure and / or the language used in the novel and link it back to a main argument you think Emily Bronte is trying to convey about Healthcliff. Referring to how this compares to other Gothic texts you’ve studied, and how your understanding of the text may differ from those reading at the time the text was released will also help your answer sound more sophisticated which will help you gain more marks. The way that works for me is called the fish bone which helps you organise PEEA paragraphs into a clear, coherent structure. After you have read back through useful passages in the book and done some background reading you should hopefully have some idea of what the main point you’re trying to convince us that Emily Bronte is trying to convey. Then, in the first box you bullit point the point you are going to make first. This is te P of the first PEEA paragraph. Next, you back this point up with an “E”xample from the text, otherwise known as a quote. Every point you make needs to be backed up with a quote, and it is far better to make fewer points that are examples fully then many that are not. Next, is the second ‘E’, the Explanation, where you explain how the quote links to te point you wish to make. And finally, the ‘A’ relates to the analysis where you take the explanation one step further, either through reference to other gothic texts or by showing how readers of the time’s interpretation may differ from your own. And remember, always link the analysis back to your main argument!

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