What is medical school like in terms of work load?

This is a comon question asked by students applying for medical school, one that I couldn't find an answer to when I was applying. 

Obviously work load in terms of lectures varies massively beased on what Medical schools you are going to apply to and what their course structure is (problem based learning or lecture based). From personal expericence and from speaking to friends in other medical schools the average day of a medical student goes like this:

Morning - usually 3 or 4 lectures each of an hour in length. Material varies based on what year. 

Afternoon - Usually on two or three days a week there will be an afternoon session. This varies it could be an anatomy session, a histology session, clinical skills etc. 

Evening/ night- Preparation for tomorrows lectures, any assignments that need doing, reviewing material.  

Overal medical school is time consuming and does require work however it is not what it was made out to be before I applied . I still have time to go to rugby 3 times a week with a game on the weekend and have done well in my exams so far. 

I hope this helps. 


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1 year ago

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What is medical school like in terms of work load?

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