How do I write a good paragraph?

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Good paragraphs come in all shapes and sizes, although this doesn't necessarily help you to prepare effectively for an exam, so a little extra guidance may be needed. Here's a good basic guide to writing a solid paragraph: 

Firstly, every good paragraph starts with a topic sentence. This should be snappy, clear and most importantly, concisely sum up what you will discuss in the paragraph that's about to follow. 

This should preferably be followed by some supporting evidence - either from a critic or from the text itself. 

You can then go on to analyse in detail this quote, always referring back to your topic sentence to indicate that you have a good grasp on your argument, 

The final sentence of the paragraph should sum up what you wrote about. 

The best way to think about writing a paragraph is that it should follow the same basic structure as an essay. Each paragraph is just a mini essay! 

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