Consider the theme of death in the poems of Philip Larkin.


Many of Philip Larkin;s poems engage with the theme of death, notably 'Dockery and Son' and 'Days'. These poems provide musings on death with bleak narratives in Larkin's often cynical tone, as Larkin laments that "Life is first boredom, then fear./ Whether or not we use it, it goes", and asks "Where can we live but days?''. Here he also ponders on the fleeting nature of time and how it leads us ever closer to death, regardless of whether we feel we have made the most of it.However, Larkin does show us a more hopeful perspective in 'An Arundel Tomb' where his stance is less bleak. He suggests that although death may be final 'What will survive of us is love", implying that the strength of human connection and emotion is stronger and more powerful than death and its inevitability.

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