How do I ensure I include all the necessary components in my exam answer for me to tick all the boxes on the syllabus?

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When sitting my A Level Literature exam I found it handy to have prepared an acronym that I wrote across the header of the paper that I effectively used as a tick list for all the things the syllabus required me to include in my answer to receive top marks.

Here is a rather basic example that you can expand on in relation to your specific syllabus. 

(P)oint - make your central point

(Q)uote - find a quote from the text to back it up

(C)omment - comment on the quote and how it serves your central point, (it will probably either reinforce or contradict it)

Some of my classmates found it handy to create simple 'acrostic poem'-style study aids. If we were to use the example above again you could perhaps use:





Obviously these are just examples of study aids that worked for me at A level but I hope they come in handy for you! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any clarification.

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