Explain the key features of conservative nationalism.

Conservative nationalism is a form of nationalism which places a great emphasis on social cohesion and public order, rooted in cultural uniformity and shared tradition.Conservatives endorse an organic society. This is the belief that society is a living organism which has grown and developed as one, binding people together through shared values and traditions which have allowed insecure humans find a sense of rootedness. For conservative nationalists, nations are organic, with nations naturally emerging from the desire of people to live with others who share the same culture, values and history.Furthermore, conservative nationalism places a strong emphasis on the nation as being a means to establish public order and social cohesion. This has caused conservatism to have a backwards looking outlook by focusing on traditions and periods of national glory to foster a sense of patriotic duty and ‘pride in one’s nation’. This is seen as essential to countering feelings for revolution. Disraeli endorsed the idea by saying that unity is needed as divisions within classes leads to ‘two nations: the rich and the poor’, with the poor being most likely to revolt.Lastly, due to a belief that nations are organic, conservative nationalism is intrinsically anti-immigration and insular. This is because immigration is seen as a threat to national unity; this in turn can lead to instability and conflict. Conservatives believe that successful and stable societies are based on shared values and a common culture which is threatened by immigration.

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