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Is the UK Parliament unfit for purpose?

Some people may judge the UK Parliament unfit for purpose in terms of how representative it is. Representation is defined firstly by how well a body reflects the strata of it's population on the grounds o...

Answered by Politics tutor

What are some important functions of General Elections in the UK?

Foremost, it can be asserted that a core function of GE is to provide legitimacy and a policy mandate to the winning party. Legitimacy to govern the population of the UK is achieved when a single party re...

Answered by Chandler G. Politics tutor

Is the UK a two party system?

Firstly, what is the question asking?Essentially, this question is asking whether or not UK politics is dominated by just two parties (Conservative and Labour) or if instead minor parties have more of an ...

Answered by Jake T. Politics tutor

To what extent do socialists have conflicting views over how the economy should operate?

Go through how to structure an exam question like this. The introduction should state what the overarching view of socialism over the economy is and clearly state your opinion whilst recognising the count...

Answered by Bleon S. Politics tutor

To what extent do pressure groups undermine democracy?

Undermine democracy - On on hand, some pressure groups are elitist, particularly insider pressure groups (ASH). Furthermore, minority interests may be overlooked by big pressure gr...

Answered by Eliza C. Politics tutor

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