When should I use the imperfect tense in French?


The imperfect tense ('l'imparfait) is used to describe events which took place in the past. However, so is the perfect tense...So what makes the imperfect different? The imperfect tense;Past events Habitual events (used to in English, something you did regularly) Uncompleted events, they are still going on When there is no specific time phrases, we don't know exactly when the vent started or endedExamples;Je finissais mon livre Nous jouions au foot quand nous étions plus jeunesFact;In English, the imperfect is also known as the 'continuous'. This should help you remember the different between the imperfect and perfect tenses. Extension Work:How is the imperfect tense formed?Take the stem of a verb (the present tense 'nous' form of the verb and remove the 'ons')Add the following endings; -ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient

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