Outline the difference between Inner and Outer Party members in George Orwell's work, 1984.

An Inner Party member has, above all things, the ability to turn off the telescreen at will, if only for short periods of time. For an Outer Party member, the constant babble of the telescreen is something that cannot be stopped, so this is an enormous privilege. Inner Party members also have servants, and extremely pleasant, well-furnished apartments judging by O’Brien’s, which had “ carpets”, “exquisitely clean” “cream-papered walls” (Orwell 175), and lifts that are actually functioning. Inner Party member also have access to “good tobacco” (Orwell 175), while Outer Party member have to smoke Victory cigarettes which tend to fall apart at every available opportunity. All in all, an Inner Party member seems to live a more civilised life where free choice is more of a possibility, if not a permanent state.

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