I think this poem is about lost love, but how do I find the evidence to put in my answer?

Let's read through the poem line by line, and highlight the words that have connotations of love or of loss. You can use these singular words or phrases to create quick embedded quotes in your essay as evidence. Now, what about the more subtle techniques the writer uses to give a sense of lost love? When you read through the poem out loud, what words stand out to you? Which words land on a stressed syllable in the meter? Does the metre itself add anything to the meaning of the poem? For example, if the last line of each stanza is missing a foot, could this suggest a sense of falling short, or deprivation? Are the words more staccato or liquid-sounding? Could this suggest bitterness, or a sensation of longing? Are there any semantic fields, similies, or metaphors in this poem? Have you ever experienced that type of comparison before in a poem of novel? Could it be a reference to something more traditional?

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