How do i prepare for my medical school interviews

There are multiple important aspects regarding medical school interviews. Depending on which medical schools you apply for, there are different types of interview such as panel or MMI. Knowing which kind of interview you will have is an important first step. The interview itself will require a fair amount of preparation. Firstly You will need to look to have a brief understanding of important topics of the medical world such as ethics and the functioning and current issues surrounding the NHS. You can do this by keeping up to date with news websites, programs on television (24 hours in A&E, GP behind closed doors, Junior doctors), reading books or magazines (causing deaths and saving lives, a very short introduction : medical ethics, the new scientist). The medic portal and medify have very good resources surrounding big topics that come up during interviews. Secondly like a work interview, medical school interview also involve questions regarding you as a person. This means they can ask questions regarding your strengths and weaknesses, your hobbies, but also why you decided to pursue medicine. This also looks at your communication skills and how you can empathise with people around you. Thirdly they can ask you questions about your personal statement or any work experience that you've done in the past. It is important that you think about what you've done in the past and link it to how you have used this experience to bring you where you are now but also how you can use this experience in the future.Finally I think the most important thing is staying organised with your resources and information you have gathered but also preparing early so that you can feel as prepared and as confident as you can during the interview period. Furthermore practising your communication skills and having an idea of responses you can give to common questions will really help you do well in your interview.One last thing : its important to be yourself and let your personality speak as well