A car accelerates in 12s from 10m/s to 50m/s. Calculate its acceleration.

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Firstly, write down the information you know. 

S (displacement) - unknown 

U (inital speed) - 10m/s

V (final speed) - 50m/s

A (acceleration) - we want to find this out

T (time) - 12s

The equation that links acceleration and the other knowns in this scenario is:

v = u + at 

Rearrange to form:

a = (v - u) / t

Now you can substitute in the values. 

a = (50 - 10) / 12

a = 40/12 

a = 3.333 

Therefore the car's acceleration is 3.33m/s2 (make sure you remember the correct units!). 

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