Explain the term Direct Democracy as used in the extract (5 marks)

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5 mark definition questions may be broken down into three parts:

1) Define Term:
Direct democracy is where citizens (members of the electorate) have a direct input into the decision making process. It is said to have originated in ancient Athens when citizens got to vote on major issues and policies.

2) Example (Link back to the description):
Referendums are a form of direct democracy used in the UK; they give citizens a chance to vote on a single specific issue, as the citizens of Scotland did in 2014 when they voted to remain a part of the UK.

Initiatives are another form of direct democracy used in some U.S states. They allow citizens to set the question rather than the government.

This is a good structure to use when dealing with 5 mark questions, however it is important to flesh out your answer and add more recent examples (where possible) in order to achieve high marks.

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