How can I help you get in to medical school?

I recently got in to medical school and I know how hard it is. Taking Bristol med school, for example, there were around 4,500 applicants but only 220-or-so places; it is intensely competitive.

I did not go to a very supportive school so I had to find out a lot of the stuff myself- my own A level biology teacher had never even heard of the UKCAT! So I've become a bit of an expert in what universities look for in students.

There are many aspects to a medicine application, from grades to volunteering to admissions tests and it can be somewhat confusing if you are unsure of it all. That is where I come in. I achieved a score of 733 on the UKCAT, ranking in the top 18% of candidates for my year. On top of that I had 3 interviews for 3 different medical schools and achieved offers from all 3. Each of the interviews had a different format: MMI at Bristol; Traditional at Cardiff; Mixed at Exeter. This gives me a unique insight into all the different types of interviews you could have. I do not wish to come across as arrogant; I merely want you to know that I am qualified to help you succeed in getting in to medical school.

Many people will tell you that you cannot prepare for admissions tests or interviews but in my opinion they are completely wrong. Sure, you need to be an empathetic and driven person but what separates those who are in medical school and those who failed to get in is often adequate preparation.

Patrick Q. Mentoring -Medical School Preparation- tutor, GCSE Chemist...

2 years ago

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