Savoir vs. Connaître - How to know the difference?

Unlike the English language where one verb 'to know' is sufficient, it can be quite difficult to remember which one to use in French.


So here are some simple rules to get you started!

Firstly, let's look at the uses for savoir:

1. With qui, que, pourquoi, quand, où, comment...

eg: Je sais où il habite, Tu sais quand elle arrive?

2. With an infinitive...

eg: Je sais nager.

3. Alone as a response...

eg: Où est Marie? - Je ne sais pas! 


Now let's look at some of the uses of connaître:

1. In reference to a place...

eg: Je connais un bon restaurant, Tu connais Paris?

2. In reference to a person...

eg: Vous connaissez François? Je ne connais pas ce cinéaste.


Keep these rules in mind!

Jamie A. GCSE Spanish tutor, GCSE French tutor

2 years ago

Answered by Jamie, a GCSE French tutor with MyTutor

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