How do I write an introduction?

It is crucial to remember that the introduction will be the first thing that the examiner will read. Therefore it is important for it to be well written and gripping. For the top end of the marks you may want to start with a quirky angle: for example starting with a quote which is particularly relevant to the text, this could be either from the text or by a critic. Or you may want to begin by highlighting some of the key critical analysis of the text. After this, which should only be one or two sentences, introduce the argument as well as the points which you are going to make. End your introduction by leading onto the first point which you are going to make to ensure that your essay is not jolty but instead is eloquent. If ever you are ensure of how to begin your introduction, or indeed if you are unsure of how your essay will unravel, you could always leave some lines at the top of the page and begin with your first point. This will allow you to write your introduction after you have finished your essay and you have a better understanding of how to make that punchy beginning.

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