How do I conjugate present tense verbs in Arabic?

Arabic verbs change according to pronouns a lot more than English verbs, but luckily they tend to follow regular patterns, so they are not too hard to learn. Here is a simple model to follow using the present, indicative of "to do" (the pronouns are in bold):

أنا أفعل

أنت تفعل / تفعلين

هو يفعل / هي تفعل

نحن نفعل

أنتما تفعلان

انتم تفعلون

ّانتنّ تفعلن

هما يفعلان

هم يفعلون

هنّ يفعلنّ

The best way to practise at the beginning is to repeat this model in writing and out loud several times, so that you begin to get used to the pattern. Then start applying it to other verbs, for example, "to speak":

أنا أتكلم

أنت تتكلم / تتكلمين

هو يتكلم / هي تتكلم

نحن نتكلم

أنتما تتكلمان

انتم تتكلمون

انتنّ تتكلمنّ

هما يتكلمان

هم يتكلمون

هنّ يتكلمنّ

Good luck!

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2 years ago

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