What extracurriculars should i do to get into medical school?

Contrary to what it may seem like, there is no "golden" set of extracurriculars that will get you into medical school. The most important things are:

1. To ensure that you have some long-standing activities which you have been doing a while to demonstrate your interest and commitment to a cause

2. To actually think about what doing that particular activity offers you. It's so easy to blindly start doing things, but at medical school interviews and in personal statements, it is crucial to emphasise how your extracurricular activities have contributed to and strengthened your desire to become a doctor.

3. To try and go the extra mile with extracurriculars - for example, if you're working in a charity shop, you could offer to help make the layout of the shop more attractive to customers, help to devise a system to organise donated items etc. This extra effort will show that you have problem-solving skills and plenty of enthusiasm!

Some examples of extracurricular activities include:

1. VOLUNTEERING: at the local hospice, a nursing home, a charity shop, volunteering to run facilities at the local hospital (such as the mobile library)

2. LEADING: leading summer camps for children/young people, organising fundraisers

3. OTHER: writing/editing for student newspapers/journals, music, sport, drama, photography, public speaking/debating

The above are just examples, but as long as you care about what you do, it counts. Don't underestimate the importance of non-medical activities - the communication, team-work and problem-solving skills which you observe during clinical work experience can actually be put into practice as a volunteer, fundraiser or student journalist. 

Best of luck!

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2 years ago

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