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Describe the secondary structure of a protein.

This is the first folding of the amino acid chain. The chain folds into either alpha helices or beta pleated sweats and is stabilised by hydrogen bonds between the amino acids.

Answered by Bridget S. Biology tutor

How does meiosis cause variation?

Independent segregation of chromosomes. Crossing over of chromosomes (genetic recombination)

Answered by Ifsa A. Biology tutor

What is the difference between a nerve synapse and a neuromuscular junction?

The presynaptic part of both junctions are both almost identical, although different neurotransmitters can be used depending on location and function. Acetylcholine is usually found in neuromuscular junct...

Answered by Annabel L. Biology tutor

Describe the processes which occur that allow synaptic transmission

  1. The action potential arrives at the axon terminal 2) Voltage-gated Ca2+ channels open 3) Ca2+ enters the presynaptic neurone 4) Ca2+ signals to neurotransmitter vesicles 5) Vesicles move to the memb...
Answered by Elissa H. Biology tutor

What are some differences between RNA and DNA?

Structurally these molecules are very similar with a few differences. They are both made up of monomers called nucleotides. Nucleotides simply refer to nitrogenous bases, pentose sugar together with the p...

Answered by Vasiliki K. Biology tutor

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