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Identify and analyse uses of lexis and semantics in this text (newspaper article)

Text A is written as a television review and is designed not only to entertain the readers with comedic features, but also to appear reliable and giving just criticism. This is achieved through a range of...

Answered by English Language tutor

Evaluate how both texts show how language has changed over time.

Identify period of language e.g. Old English: 450-1100 AD (highly unlikely) Middle English: 1100- 1450 Early Modern English : 1450- 1700 (most likely) Modern English: 1700- 19...

Answered by Christy M. English Language tutor

‘The best way to explain children’s language development is to focus on what they use it for.’ Referring to Data Set 1 in detail, and to relevant ideas from language study, evaluate this view of children’s language development. (taken from paper 1 2018)

Answered by English Language tutor

Evaluate the idea that women’s language is less powerful than men’s.

The student would firstly evaluate the title, and decide their view in regards to the statement made. They’d then discuss the relevant theories, for example, Lakoff’s women’s language theory, O’Barr and A...

Answered by Anna B. English Language tutor

Discuss the idea that a person’s language might be affected by their occupation

Within a workplace there is a hierarchy of employment. Bosses, usually seen at the top of the hierarchical structure, have instrumental power because of their position. Their authoritative language is iss...

Answered by Charlotte J. English Language tutor

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