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English Literature
A Level

“In ‘Hamlet’, revenge is carried out at the expense of justice.” To what extent do you agree with this view?

Shakespeare presents revenge as being the instinctive response towards crime. Upon finding out of his father’s murder, Hamlet asks the ghost for the identity of the killer, so that “with wings as swift/As...

Answered by Ed G. English Literature tutor

How do I write a good conclusion in an English Literature essay?

The conclusion of your essay is just as important as your introductory paragraph and should be planned before you begin to write the essay. Although it may be shorter than the other paragraphs within your...

Answered by Laura C. English Literature tutor

How does Milton portray women in Book 9 of Paradise Lost?

Throughout Paradise Lost, and most notably in Book 9, Milton takes an unconventional stance in the depiction of women, shown in the character of Eve. The traditional rhetoric of the 17th century encourage...

Answered by Felicity H. English Literature tutor

How does Shakespeare portray Women in Hamlet?

Shakespeare only has two Women in Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude, through whom he presents a broad societal view of Women contemporaneous to Elizabethan England, that is oppressed and easily dismissed by th...

Answered by English Literature tutor

How should I approach an unseen poem in an exam, such as Thomas Hardy's 'The Voice'?

Working through unseen poetry can be a really creative and thought-provoking process. I would advise the student to take a deep breath, shut out the context of the exam hall, and read the poem through slo...

Answered by Zara K. English Literature tutor

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