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A Level

What is the best way to revise for essay based subjects?

While revision is subjective, with successful methods depending on the individual, essay based subjects are widely considered difficult to revise for. Especially during stressful times like exam season. I...

Answered by Maxime O. History tutor

How can I write a good conclusion?

It's often helpful to use a 4/5 sentence structure for your conclusion. E.g. To what extent was WW1 responsible for the political changes in Russia by th...

Answered by Florence H. History tutor

Was England a Protestant nation by 1553?

To determine whether England was a ‘Protestant nation’ by the end of Edward VI’s reign we must examine both the Church’s institutional form and the state of popular religious beliefs and practices. Whilst...

Answered by History tutor

‘Johnson’s Great Society dream failed.’ Assess the validity of this view.

In a May 1964 speech, president Johnson offered a new version of the American Dream, in which the federal government would engineer a ‘Great Society’. The dream addressed issues of poverty, racial inequal...

Answered by Laura B. History tutor

Should the October 1917 Russian Revolution be considered as a turning point?

First of all, we need to consider what a turning point is. A turning point is an event which causes a profound and irreversible change. Could the October 1917 Russian Revolution be considered a turning po...

Answered by Natasha V. History tutor

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