How can I write a good conclusion?

It's often helpful to use a 4/5 sentence structure for your conclusion. E.g. To what extent was WW1 responsible for the political changes in Russia by the beginning of November 1917? 1) Evaluate the factor in the question (WW1). Use words which relate back to the question- what are you being asked? 'Significant extent' or 'limited extent'.
2) Decide which factor is the most important? (For example, leadership within the Bolshevik Party). Express a concrete judgement- don't sit on the fence! 'Most important' 'Responsible to a significant extent'.
3) Why was this the most important, or more important than the factor in the question? This is where you want to introduce links with the other factors, which helps to categorise them. (For example, WW1 created the conditions for revolution, but needed a strong party to exploit these conditions.) 'Without (x), (y) wouldn't have...'. ' (x) created the conditions for'. What other words could help catagorise your factors?
4) Analysis of any other factors, sustaining strong judgement even if they weren't as significant. (For example, the weaknesses of the Provinsional Government). '(x) was also important' 'but the impact was limited'.
5) Final justification of your most important factor. Link back to the question, key dates and show an awareness of change over time. What vocabulary could be used here?

Answered by Flora H. History tutor


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