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A Level

Describe and Evaluate Stages of attachment identified by Shaffer and Emerson (16)

Shaffer and Emerson aimed to investigate the formation of early attachments, they used 60 babies from Glasgow working class families. They visited their homes every month for a year, then again at 18month...

Answered by Jasmine D. Psychology tutor

Identify and describe two features of short term memory. (4 marks)

One feature of short term memory is coding, this is the format in which information is stored in the memory stores. Another feature of short term memory is capacity, this is the amount of information that...

Answered by Natalie R. Psychology tutor

Give one difference between the autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system

Autonomic nervous system has two sub-components (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system), but the somatic nervous system has only one.

Answered by Nari W. Psychology tutor

Discuss the Strange Situation as a way of assessing type of attachment.

Ainsworth devised a controlled observation called the Strange Situation to assess types of attachment in 9–18 month old infants. This involved placing a child and their mother in a novel environment of mi...

Answered by Doone B. Psychology tutor

How do you structure your arguments in essay writing?

For each paragraph, use the PEEL method- point, evidence, explanation, and link to the question. For example, if the question is 'Evaluate the Cognitive Approach to psychology:' For example:P- The cogniti...

Answered by Psychology tutor

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