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A Level

¿Cuándo se usa el subjuntivo presente?

Bueno, a veces el subjuntivo presente puede ser muy difícil, pero con mucha práctica ya irás mejorando.El subjuntivo presente se usa para hablar de deseos, dudas y posibilidades. Yo siempre uso el concept...

Answered by Elodie W. Spanish tutor

How does one use the present subjunctive case in Spanish?

The subjunctive case appears in GCSE, A-Level and Higher Study specifications. It is an essential component of the Spanish language yet students tend to experience difficulty grappling with it because of ...

Answered by Lorena W. Spanish tutor

Raúl sent an e-mail to his friend Silvia with some tips for her trip to London. Unfortunately, the email had some problems when sent and consequently, some words disappeared. Help Silvia understanding the tips for her trip by completing the missing words.

Querida amiga: Estoy muy contento (adjetive) de que hayas decidido visitar la ciudad de Londres. El tiempo por aquí es bastante lluvioso (weather condition), pero cuando ...

Answered by Carolina V. Spanish tutor

What is the difference between the verbs "ser" and "estar" in Spanish? (Both are "to be")

While both verbs mean "to be", and are used in descriptions, they are both used in different situations. "Ser" is used in the case of adjectives and descriptions that will not change i...

Answered by Sofia d. Spanish tutor

When do I use the present subjunctive in Spanish?

"The subjunctive" tends to create a sense of dread amongst language students, however with practice it begins to feel natural!·       Firstly, the structure that is always 

Answered by Jenny K. Spanish tutor

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