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The point P has coordinates (3, 4) The point Q has coordinates (a, b) A line perpendicular to PQ is given by the equation 3x + 2y = 7 Find an expression for b in terms of a

y = -3/2x + 7/2gradient = -3/2
gradient of perpendicular = 2/3
y = 2/3x + c
sub in given values of x and y to find c
y = 2/3x + 2
sub in a and b, so:
b = 2/3a + 2

Answered by Usamah A. Maths tutor

A bonus of £2100 is shared by 10 people who work for a company. 40% of the bonus is shared equally between 3 managers. The rest of the bonus is shared equally between 7 salesmen. One of the salesmen says, “If the bonus is shared equally between all 10

to start, find value of money shared by managers and then staff:Managers: (40/100) x 2100 = 840 Staff: 2100 - 840 = 1260 Then find share for each employee:Staff: 1260/7 = 180Share if divided equally: 2100...

Answered by Kavya G. Maths tutor

Solve: x^2+x-6=0

This is a quadratic equation. Its factorises to give: (x-2)(x+3)=0. Therefore there are two different solutions of this equation: x1=2 and x2=-3.

Answered by Marta B. Maths tutor

A truck is carrying 8.5 tonnes of produce. Find the amount of produce the truck is carrying in kg.

1 tonne is equal to 1,000kg, so we get 8.5 tonnes ≡8.5×1,000= 8,500kg

Answered by Sarah J. Maths tutor

Simplify and then solve by factorisation 3x(x+2)-7=2, to find x.

3x(x+2)-7=2 3x2+6x-7=2 3x2+6x-9=0 3(x2+2x-3)=0 [Divide by 3] (x2+2x-3)=0 (x+3)(x-1)=0 x= -3 x=1

Answered by India M. Maths tutor

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