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Identify three features of melody, harmony and/or texture used in this excerpt typical of the baroque period.

This excerpt uses a melody unfolding via fortspinnung and featuring ornamentation. The texture consists of alternating concertino and ripieno groups. The harmony and simple and functional.

Answered by Sophie W. Music tutor

Why would a piece in from the Baroque period not have any tempo or dynamic markings on the score?

This is a convention of the Baroque period, as the musical form would generally dictate the tempo. Tempo and dynamic markings became more common throughout the Classical period.

Answered by Maya C. Music tutor

How do I begin a composition? How do I score top marks in my coursework?

Composition can often seem a daunting task, and many GCSE students simply do not know how where to begin. In truth, GCSE composition can be broken down into manageable, methodical steps. Examiners are loo...

Answered by Patrick D. Music tutor

What was the role of the basso continuo in Baroque music?

The use of basso continuo, or figured bass, is prominent in this era. The harpsichord, cellos, basses and bassoons (if present) would read off the same line of music. There would be numbers written beneat...

Answered by Adeoluwa P. Music tutor

Listen to the extract of 'Quiet' from Matilda the Musical and describe three ways that Minchin creates dramatic contrast within this song..

Minchin uses dynamics and tempo to create contrast in this song. The piece begins with a crescendo building through the whole of the first section to reflect the lyrics, 'my heart is pounding, my eyes are...

Answered by Lizzie S. Music tutor

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