5 Unreasonable Things Society Expects of Parents-of-Teens

Parenting teenagers isn’t easy. As well as everything else that comes with keeping up with your job, your household, and any other children’s needs, society’s expectations of what’s normal to expect from a parent can be totally unfair.

Here’s a run-down of some common misconceptions about having school-aged children, and how an online tutor can be your back-pocket-secret-weapon.

#1 They expect you to understand your kids’ homework

Now, you may well have got an A for O Level Maths 25 years ago, but that equation on your kid’s latest homework may as well be written hieroglyphics for the sense it makes to you now.

But here’s the thing, a tutor who’s studying maths at university does understand it. What’s more, your child can dial ‘em up online for a quick one-to-one session when they need a refresher – leaving them clued up and confident and your outdated maths skills off the hook.

#2 They expect your home to be an oasis of calm during exams

It’s true that a calm house for your kid to come back to during exam time can help them focus on the most important thing for them – revision. But if your other child sprains their ankle, the car breaks down or the dog chokes on Barbie’s handbag, total household serenity isn’t quite possible.

If your child has an online lesson booked in, all they truly need is a corner of the house that’s quiet enough with noise-cancelling headphones on. And being accountable to their role-model-come-tutor will be all the motivation they need to focus – meaning you’re freed up to deal with other disasters, rather than worry about the impact domestic chaos may have on their grades.

#3 They assume you have the luxury of parenting your kids 24/7

While your kids’ academic performance at school is important to you and to their futures, so is paying your mortgage, doing well at work, and caring for any other close relatives who need it too. You love them more than anything, but providing for your children doesn’t always mean being with them the whole time.

The savvy parent knows that accepting help is resourceful, not unloving. Of all the areas of ‘parenting’ to outsource – surely personalised, specialist help with their schoolwork is a great choice? The nightly homework battle can be a thing of the past and you buy back more time being mum or dad.

#4 They imagine your kids listen to everything you say

Just imagine if “eat your veg” and “bedtime is at 10pm” were actually the end of the conversation. Teenagers in particular can seem hellbent on self-destruction when it comes to being healthy and well-rested. Even when it comes to emphasising the importance of organisation before exams, kids can see you as their worst enemy when really you’re trying to ensure the best for them.

Guess who they will listen to though? ‘Cool’ older students who are studying at university and living independent lives on campuses across the country, that’s who. One-to-one lessons with these tutors helps kids to visualise a future at uni, and the roadmap to getting there becomes clearer the more exposure they get: study hard, ask for help, try your best.

#5 They think you’ve got screen time all sussed out

Of course, my little angel spends only one hour watching TV after school and then she does all her homework AND helps clean the house. Sure. While the internet didn’t even exist when you were a teen, and video games might have consisted of Pac-Man if you were lucky, now worlds of live games and Instagram drama demand all of your children’s time. And they’d really get all of it if you didn’t have a say.

Online is the new normal – especially for your kids. Where you’ll win ground is by harnessing screen-time’s potential for education and personal development. Tech means that your child can have one-to-one support for their schoolwork from a tutor anywhere in the country. That’s a force for good, however you look at it.

Boundaries are still necessary – heck, they’ll need fresh air sometimes – but take heart in tech that facilitates live human interactions and life-expanding learning. You’ll know you’ve got it right when their confidence shoots up, bringing their grades with it.

With MyTutor, you can book online tutoring for your child using our fuss-free and totally flexible platform.

We can help you find the perfect tutor for your child (all of our tutors are students top UK universities), and lessons take place using our online classroom. We see an average of one whole grade’s improvement (often more) in one term’s worth of lessons with MyTutor and 80% of our students also say that lessons helped improve their confidence.

Ultimately, you know that you’re doing the best by your kid, and that’s all that really matters. Mum, dad, you’re doing a great job.

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