Fasting during exams: how to revise while observing Ramadan

Fasting during exams can be really tricky, but here are our 4 top tips on how to still work productively.

Eat well

During Ramadan, there are two meals: Suhur (pre-fast, eaten around 2am) and Iftar (evening meal, eaten around 9pm). Iftar, in particular, becomes extremely important when revising. It can be tempting to eat lots of fried, stodgy foods. However, doing so will leave you feeling tired and lethargic, which will have a knock-on effect on your revision.

Choose foods which will boost your brain power and help you revise:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Oily fish
  • Leafy greens
  • Eggs

Also replenish your fluids. The more water you drink each night, the better you’ll feel the following day.

Changing your revision routine

The daytime is now your best opportunity to catch up on sleep, while the time between Iftar and Suhur is a better time to revise while you’re feeling less hungry.

You should try to avoid overloading yourself during the daytime when your body will be under the most stress. It’s worth considering alternative ways of revising. During the day, you’ll potentially struggle to have the mental discipline to sit and read through a textbook. So try and come up with revision techniques which are quicker and easier to absorb, like flash cards or posters.

It is incredibly important to structure your day so you have enough revision and rest time.

Take frequent breaks

Break up your revision with frequent breaks to help take your mind off the hunger. Stretch your legs and take some time to walk away from you books and computer screen. Not only will you feel better, but the change of scenery will also help time go faster.

Don’t revise alone

Form a study group where you can chat to each other regularly about how your studies are going and help provide each other with motivation. Peer support can make all the difference as you prepare for each exam.

Good luck!

You might feel like you’re missing out on the spiritual benefits of Ramadan because you don’t have time for extra prayers, Quran recitation or charity work. Don’t forget that revising is spiritual too! Educating yourself is also an important part of religion. Revise with good intentions: to increase your knowledge and to make your teachers and loved ones proud of you. Good luck to you all!

Written by Anastasia K.

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