Home, sweet homeschool: is homeschooling right for you?

If the concept of homeschooling conjures up images of hippy mothers and finger-painting, think again. In the US and China, pulling a child out of mainstream schooling is becoming increasingly popular. In the UK, children have been withdrawn from state schools not because parents wish to enlighten their children by revolutionising their education, but because of basic necessity.

Meeting one my pupil, Sidra, through MyTutor made me realise how school life simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Thousands of students prefer homeschooling as a response to:

  • Bullying
  • Behavioural problems
  • Limited places at good schools in their area
  • The school environment did not meet their special educational needs

Sidra needed the flexibility of a homeschooling programme so she could look after her young daughter whilst still getting an education. There are countless courses available for homeschool students to access. And it’s an excellent way for students, like Sidra, to manage their own learning at their own pace.

A school without teachers – a student’s dream come true, surely? Well, maybe not so much; Sidra warns about the challenges of homeschooling:

“I would only suggest it to people who are very motivated to learn because you’re alone and essentially you have to teach yourself. Sitting down every day to study also requires discipline.”

For those of you who’ve laboured through them, I’m sure you’d agree that A-levels are hard enough, and almost unimaginable without the continual support of a teacher and your classmates around you.

Homeschooling using Tutors

All Sidra needed was to sit down with someone who could explain what an abstract noun was, but she found the local homeschooling centre’s one-to-one tuition far too expensive, as was most other private tuition.

Nothing can compare with face-to-face guidance, especially from someone who has been through the same exams and can make the whole process seem a little less isolating. That’s why signing up with MyTutor is such a great option for those in the same position as Sidra.

She says “MyTutor is like being in classroom with a tutor’s full attention towards you and with the options of sharing text, files and writing on the board. Its next best thing to being in a real classroom. I am very happy I found this website.”

Sidra now has an opportunity to get into the Uni she wants. Better still, she’s still fully in control of her learning; she can get her qualifications without compromising a thing.

Written by Leigh S.

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