National Sisters Day 2018

I have a sister, who I love 90% of the time. But who also knows how to annoy me for the rest of it. She used to borrow my clothes (and now I borrow hers). We got called the same name at school; and when we talk on the phone people can’t tell who’s who. I’m sure it’s a similar story for those reading this with sisters. Sunday 5th August marks National Sisters Day, so here is a list of well-known sisters.

Venus and Serena Williams 

Venus and Serena deserve their title as one of the most famous sisters out there at the moment. They have 30 Grand Slam titles between them! Their fame, success, influence and skill has allowed female tennis to make its mark in a way that other female sports haven’t.

Hallie and Annie 

Hallie and Annie are the mischevious yet lovable twins from the The Parent Trap, a Disney film with so many memorable moments. Who can forget their life-changing realisation when they both confess to liking Oreos dipped in peanut butter? Or when they swapped identities to experience what life would be like with the other parent? More importantly, who else was shocked that the girls weren’t twins in real life but both played by Lindsay Lohan?

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim  

Oasis, Jackson 5, Kings of Leon, you’ve got competition. The only thing better than a band of brothers is a band of sisters. The Haim sisters have all inherited the music gene and a whole lot of girl power. They have two studio albums. Their debut reaching number one on the UK albums chart. And now a new tour called Sister Sister Sister.

Elizabeth and Katharine Corr  

Elizabeth Corr likes saving characters, Katharine Corr likes killing them but, whatever their differences, together they’ve published a successful debut novel. ‘The Witch’s Kiss’ follows sixteen year old Meredith who gets entangled in a world of witch craft and a centuries old curse. And if that isn’t magical enough, the book is also part of a trilogy. 

Elsa and Ana

Yes, I know it’s probably time to let it go, but who can’t help loving the most popular Disney sisters, Elsa and Ana from Frozen? Not only is it the most successful animated film of all time with two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA, but it’s also one of the only Disney films that moves away from the typical Prince and Princess story to bring to life a moving tale of the power of sisters. 

Flo and Joan  

These sisters may be best known in the UK for their catchy Nationwide advert song, but Joan and Flo, or real-life sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey, are actually Toronto-based musical comedians with an album on iTunes and a UK tour. Their song for Nationwide best sums up the spirit of National Sisters Day: “We’re sisters, I don’t really like her, but if you don’t like her, we’ll come and fight ya.”

Give your sister some love this Sunday.

Written by Florianne H.

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